My Role: User Experience, Product Design, User interface, Digital Design, User Research, Wireframes, Prototyping
Tools: Illustrator & Figma
This was a concept brief to create a new visual system that reflects its innovator and refreshing approach to wellness
Undo is a natural meditation app that allows you to easily discover and utilise the skills you already possess within your body to achieve sustainable optimal health.
Idea & Objectives.
The users needed to be able to easily set up their profile using relevant information. They also needed to set goals and then track their progress. People need to improve their emotional wellbeing though mindful meditation in a busy, non-stop world. A break from stress through mind and body.
User flow
A simple user flow in the form of a single page homepage with all the important elements in close reach. I used anchored navigation to help users access key information and be to able contact the business quickly. Featured work could be accessed using image links on the homepage. My inspiration and learnings came from design portfiolio website structures.
Empathy Maps & Persona
User 1 : Does meditation knows the benefits but can't transform into routine.