My Role: User Experience, User Interface, Design System, Digital Design, Prototyping, Illustration
Tools: Illustrator & Photoshop, Figma
& Webflow
Working with Wordsearch I was commission to work on the design of the website. Working with the brand designer to design the User Interface and experiences and establishing Design System as well as the Visual Design concepts.
The Kensington Building is a new workspace in Hight Street Kensington, London, it fuses contemporary design with a focus on high quality, sustainable materials with timeless appeal. At every level, this is a building that nurtures wellbeing and collaboration.
Idea & objectives
Working with the design director and the UX team I was briefed to design a working website based on a the pitch document, and technical pack. I helped establish the user flow, user journeys. Making conversions as seamless and easy as possible with all
design thinking.
User flow
We devised a simple user flow to guide the user to the key features and USP's on the homepage, the building, the area, the technical specs and lastly the contact page.
Visual Design